EME Vol. 4 No. 3/4

The Journal of the Media Ecology Association

Volume 4 • Number 3/4 • 2008


Editor’s Note
      Lance Strate
On Formal Cause
      Eric McLuhan
A Man for All Media: Orson Welles as Media Ecologist/Medium Theorist
      Paul Heyer
“Don't Touch That Dial”: Designing a Collaborative Radio in 1950s West Germany
      Daniel Gilfillan
Images for the Inner Eye: The Use of Visually Evocative Techniques in Radio
      Anca Micheti
“The Domestic Goddess”: Postfeminist Representation in the Televisual Kitchen: A Media Ecology Analysis of Nigella Bites
      Carlnita P. Greene
Pro-Ana Web Communities: An Amplification of Eating Disorders and Media on the Internet
      Suzanne L. Kaiser


Information Vortexes of the Orange Revolution
      Boris Potyatynyk


Instant Steal! The Media Ecology of Plagiarism
      Paul Grosswiler


Adaptation: Studying Film and Literature (Desmond and Hawkes)
      Paul Lippert
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