EME Vol. 6 No. 3

The Journal of the Media Ecology Association

Volume 6 • Number 3 • 2007


Editor's Note
      Lance Strate
Guest Editor's Introduction
      Eric McLuhan
Medieval Grammar as the Basis of Bacon's Novum Organum
      Herbert Marshall McLuhan
Library Systems in East Asia
      Insup Taylor and Wang Guizhi
Plato's Cave—Then and Now
      Joan Thornborrow-Steacy
The Tetrad and Phenomenology
      Graham Harman


The Missing Media Laws
      Marshall McLuhan and Eric McLuhan


Introduction to Marshall McLuhan's Doctoral Dissertation
      Walter J. Ong, SJ

Symposium on Marshall McLuhan's The Classical Trivium

The Place of Marshall McLuhan and Thomas Nashe in the Learning of Their Time
      Martha Watson
The Medieval Grammatical Roots of McLuhan's Media Exploration
      Steve Reagles
War and Peace Among Rhetoric, Grammar, and Dialectics: On Marshall McLuhan's The Classical Trivium
      Lance Strate


Love Online: Emotions on the Internet (Ben-Ze'ev)
      Tony Kelso
Numbers, Language, and the Human Mind (Wiese)
      Stephen Crisomalis
The Unfolding of Language: An Evolutionary Tour of Mankind's Greatest Invention (Deutscher)
      Cheryl A. Casey

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