EME Vol. 9 Nos. 1–4

The Journal of the Media Ecology Association

Volume 9 • Numbers 1–4 • 2010


Number 1

Birth Control: An Extension of "Man"
      Valerie V. Peterson
Obscene, Mundane, and Frivolous Technologies: Maintaining the Boundaries of Decorum
      Dale Cyphert
Who Owns Breasts?
      Stephanie B. Gibson


Vox Populi: Order Idealized
      John C. Merrill
Aristotle's Theory of Communication
      Eric McLuhan


Play Between Worlds: Exploring Online Game Culture (Taylor)
      Undrahbuyan Baasanjav

Number 2

This Is Not a Blog Hoax: Narrative "Provocations" in a Participatory Media Culture
      Mark Nunes
Numbers in Oral Societies
      Vincente Berdayes
Ong, Evolution, and the Method of Dialogue
      Jerry Harp
Escapism and Entertainment: Communicative Technology and the Therapeutic
      John Dowd

Number 3

The Robert K. Logan Effect: Extending Media Ecology and the Toronto School
      Lance Strate
The Biological Foundation of Media Ecology
      Robert K. Logan
The Emergence of Language as an Autocatalytic Set of the Elements or Mechanisms That Make Speech Possible: An Inquiry
      Robert K. Logan
mCommunication: The Emergence of Mobile Communication Within the Media Ecosystem
      Robert K. Logan and Carlos A. Scolari
Digitally Augmented Books: The sBook Platform for Books That Are Smart, Readable, Searchable, Networked, Updatable, and Promote Active       Reading
      Robert K. Logan
A Quantum Exploration of the New Ecosystem
      Christine M. Tracy


Understanding New Media: Extending Marshall McLuhan (Logan)
      Roxanne O'Connell

Number 4

Editor’s Note
      Corey Anton
Almanacs of the Chesapeake Colonies: Revolutionary "Agent of Change"
      Roger P. Mellen
Recapitulation, Medical Imaging Technologies and Media of Communication: The Medium Is the Message
      Eva Berger


Sex in the Digital Age: Media Ecology and Megan's Law
      Brett Lunceford


Journalism and Mass Communication Education: The Impact of Technology on Pedagogy
      Michelle Seelig

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